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  1. Spencer

    Welcome to the new WebCity UK!

    Hi, Welcome to the new WebCity UK community forum! We're still working on some sections of the site, and the bulk of the site is now ready for new posts. Please join up, choose your username (before someone else grabs it), drop us a message in this new members section, and say hello. We look...
  2. Spencer

    The best campsites in the UK.

    The best campsites in the UK Photo Credit: Pixabay / Brahmsee Now that the weather is getting better and Covid 19 restrictions are easing, it is the perfect time to think about that next UK camping holiday. PLEASE NOTE: Camping sites should be able to reopen in England from April 12 2021...
  3. Spencer

    Post your money saving deals here

    Share your money saving ideas, tips and suggestions with other community members.
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    Post your recipe here

    Please post any recipes that you would like to share with the community. Thank you :)
  5. Spencer

    East Anglia travel discussions

    East Anglia includes the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, including the City of Peterborough.
  6. Spencer

    Check your Premium Bonds for unclaimed prizes

    With over £60 million in unclaimed premium bond prizes, it’s worth checking if any prizes have your name on them! A chance to win a million pound jackpot every month – tax free! Moved house and forgot to update your contact details for your Premium Bonds? It’s easy to forget to update your...