Academic experiences at Tech University?

Kristina C

New member
Hello everyone, I am a gym athlete and I would like to expand my knowledge, I am currently interested in specializing in Sports Nutrition and I am looking for an alternative that allows me to study remotely for personal reasons.

Recently, while researching on the internet, I came across Tech Universidad Tecnológica. This seems interesting to me because they have several subjects in this area of my interest, because I can study comfortably from anywhere and at my own pace.

For this reason I would like to hear from anyone who has studied here at this university and if the knowledge they offer is useful. Thank you very much.
I loved the modules, as they always provided up-to-date and practical information. However, a little extra help from time to time would not have gone amiss.
Krisitna, Hi! My experience with tech was outstanding because although I missed the face-to-face contact, the convenience of studying from home and the quality of the resources available have been very rewarding. I had more time to spend with my family and to continue with my studies, it was a good experience.
I have found that I can connect with the content in a much more meaningful way when I study it on my own, and it has been rewarding for my professional and work life.
Hello everyone, the fact of being able to follow my own pace and adapt my studies to my schedules has been a very positive change. Not having to adjust to an imposed pace has allowed me to delve deeper into the topics that interest me most.
Dear colleagues, the best parts of this process have been the freedom to explore a variety of topics. This diversity in my education has enriched my knowledge and kept my interest alive. Best regards.
The self-directed methodology has been perfect for my academic needs, I travel constantly and I have liked it, but I should have more support for the students in teaching.
Hi Kristina, When I started, I had some problems with the campus user, but I received good attention from the student services. In my case it was between what I expected, you have to understand that it is a different education than the traditional one or else you will have displeasure because it is obviously completely different.
Tech allowed me to obtain my degree while doing my internship. The combination of theory and practice gave me a competitive advantage in the job market.
Hi, my decision to study at Tech has been a refreshing change for me. Here, my achievements depend directly on my effort and dedication, and that motivates me to achieve my goals.
I have just seen this thread and I am very attracted to the self-taught approach of this university. I did some research on it and they say they have a well structured virtual library and seem to have all the necessary resources for a complete education. I will be seriously considering enrolling.
Tech sounds like a great fit for your goals. The flexibility and diverse content make it perfect for balancing studies with your athletic career.
One thing that happened to me with tech was that it took a while to get my degree in physics. But I liked this educational system, they have good study material and good customer service with their students.
Although I felt a bit lost at first, I soon discovered that the interactive material provided all the tools I needed to learn effectively.
Hi, I got guided lessons on sports therapy and nutrition in a good format. They are well structured, making complex concepts understandable without the need for an instructor.
I studied here and the negotiation strategies and techniques I learned in this Master have been excellent in my career. The practical approach and the examples given really make the difference in this system.
Esta experiencia en línea no es perfecta, pero obtienes algunos beneficios como flexibilidad y materiales de excelente calidad. Esto me ha permitido aprender sin estrés ni retrasos. Eres más autónomo en esta modalidad de estudio.
What I liked most is how the pace of study can be adapted to my needs. The contents are always up to date and very complete, which makes learning from home much easier.