Broadside Hacks: Songs Without Authors Vol 1 review – contemporary artists tinker with tradition


Jude Rogers

(Broadside Hacks Recordings)
The folk project led by Sorry’s Campbell Baum offers new takes on anonymously composed tunes, with varying success

Last month, the drummer of Fontaines DC released an Irish folk anthology, and now the bassist from London indie band Sorry unleashes his second anthology in four months of (primarily) non-folk artists getting into traditional music. Broadside Hacks was initially meant to be a club night, inspired by an unruly, noisy gig by Irish artist Junior Brother (also on this LP) that Campbell Baum saw in Dublin just before the pandemic. It became an ongoing project with a great house band, Maudlin, led by Baum, and other artists circling its core. Their first release in June was of unaccompanied songs recorded on phones; the second covers songs without known authors, the point being, Baum says, that “the artists could feel free to tinker with them”.

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