Children’s car seats are a challenging rite of passage…

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Séamas O’Reilly

…and not just for the children. Séamas O’Reilly resolves to get going at last

A single strap is placed over my son’s car seat before a seatbelt is threaded through two loops and held in place with a satisfying click. At least this is the theory, as evinced by the cheerful hieroglyphics that adorn the car seat’s side. I’m studying them intently, perhaps more intently than anyone has ever studied anything. ‘The arrows are the straps, or the seatbelt?’ I ask no one in particular. My son is wondering why his father is sweating and swearing, two inches from his own face, as I reach past him to fiddle with toggles I’ve reset four times.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every commercially available car seat must be different from every other one

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