Difference between HTML and DHTML


Difference between HTML and DHTML:
1. HTML is a markup language while DHTML is a collection of technologies.
2. HTML is used to create static webpages while DHTML is capable of creating dynamic webpages.
3. DHTML is used to create animations and dynamic menus but HTML not used.
4. HTML sites are slow upon client-side technologies whereas DHTML sites are comparatively faster.
5. Web pages created using HTML are rather simple and have no styling as it uses only one language whereas DHTML uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which results in a much better and way more presentable webpage.
6. HTML cannot be used as server side code but DHTML used as server side code.
7. DHTML needs database connectivity but not in case of HTML.
Files in HTML are stored using .htm or .html extension while DHTML uses “.dhtm” extension.
8. HTML requires no processing from the browser but DHTML does.