Disadvantages of CSS


Disadvantages of CSS:
1. CSS, CSS 1 up to CSS3, result in creating of confusion among web browsers.
2. With CSS, what works with one browser might not always work with another. The web developers need to test for compatibility, running the program across multiple browsers.
3. There exists a scarcity of security.
4. After making the changes we need to confirm the compatibility if they appear. The similar change affects on all the browsers.
5. The programing language world is complicated for non-developers and beginners. Different levels of CSS i.e. CSS, CSS 2, CSS 3 are often quite confusing.
6. Browser compatibility (some styles sheet are supported and some are not).
7. CSS works differently on different browsers. IE and Opera supports CSS as different logic.
8. There might be cross-browser issues while using CSS.
9. There are multiple levels which creates confusion for non-developers and beginners.