Features of Bing Webmaster Tools


Features of Bing Webmaster Tools:
1. Home - It is the summary of all the reports and tools which are available for the webmaster. One important thing that we have to know is the reports can only be the served after 48 hours of gathering and processing necessary data.
2. Crawl Issues - Crawl issues enable webmasters in order to find out potential problems with their sites like File Not Found (404) errors, unsupported content-types, long dynamic URLs, and blocked by REP.
3. Data Download - The data download feature of the Bing webmaster tool permits webmasters to access the starting 1000 results in CSV file to analyze the results.
4. Submit URLs - Submit Urls permits webmasters a huge number of URLs present on their site for quicker indexing. The number of URLs that they can submit is up to 10,000 URLs for each day.
5. Outbound Links - With the help of this feature, webmaster can check the outbound links Bing sees.
6. Markup Validator - Markup validator permits webmasters to check if their website satisfies W3C guidelines.
7. Keyword Search Tool - By using keyword, search tool, webmasters discover new keywords.
8. txt Validator - The robots.txt validator permits webmasters to check if their robots.txt file meets the standard.
9. Sitemap - Sitemap enable webmasters to check if Bing is viewing their sitemaps appropriately.
10. Backlink Data - The backlink data feature of Bing webmaster tool enables webmasters in order to access data related to their referring links. From Yahoo! Site Explorer, some portion of this feature is acquired.
11. Advanced Filtering - Advanced filtering enables webmasters to quickly zoom the results of their website's report into the data they require.
12. SEO Reports - The SEO report feature of the Bing webmaster tool displays few of the most general page-level recommendations in order to improve the ranking of the website.