Fifa proposal for biennial World Cup is a ridiculous plan that could become real | Sean Ingle


Sean Ingle

This is about money and power – with Fifa trying to isolate Europe and weaken Uefa

It sounds so enticing, doesn’t it? A World Cup or European Championship every summer, allowing us to gorge like a footballing Augustus Gloop almost all year round. Never mind the risk of burnout, of greater TV subscription fees, of the game becoming even more bloated; just listen to the tinkle of nickel and copper swelling Fifa’s coffers.

Yet such a proposal is about to sneak up on us, without most people realising, just like the 48-team World Cup – a ridiculous idea that became a reality. On Friday, Arsène Wenger, Fifa’s chief of global football development, even suggested a new football calendar could be decided by December, with alternate World Cups and Euros played from 2028 onwards.

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