How do you stay in shape?


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I go to the local gym about 3 times a week and also go for a swim in the sea about 3 times a week during summer. During the non summer seasons, I cycle instead of swim.

My local beach - it has shark nets to keep you safe :-)
I have a FitBit and do 10,000 steps a day. We have some nice hiking trails near me and the area is beautiful. I used to do P90X but it was really too hard on my body.
I exercise daily. I have a "body part" day that includes legs, abs, arms, etc. I just make it fun & if I'm not feeling the best, I allow myself to do light exercises. If it's really a bad day, I practice self-care & focus on other areas with stretching. I also take 2 to 3 walks with our dog on our acreage. I have some videos as well as Youtube Trainers that I follow to spice up my routine. My tip is to not make it seem like work :)