How MMA fighter Donald Williams helped achieve justice for George Floyd


Loretta Hunt

The 33-year-old was an eye witness to a murder than shook America. His testimony – and knowledge of wrestling – proved important at trial

When Donald Williams II saw the police car, he debated continuing on his way. He’d snuck out of his place on 25 May 2020 for a few minutes’ break from his family – just a quick hop to Cup Foods for an energy drink, something Williams had done countless times before. It had been a productive day of fishing on Valentine Lake with his 13-year-old son. They planned to fillet and cook the three bass they had caught for dinner; Williams didn’t want to keep his son waiting. He’d haphazardly thrown on his navy blue Northside Boxing hoodie and two mismatched socks that peaked conspicuously out of his flip-flops. He wasn’t dressed for a serious interaction.

Williams made it to the convenience store door before he stopped in his tracks.

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