How often have players with rhyming names created goals for each other?


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“After Tyrone Mings set up Danny Ings to score against Newcastle last weekend, have there been any other high-profile examples of players with rhyming names setting up goals for each other?” ponders Steve Maybury.

There’s only one place to start: Selhurst Park in the late 1980s and early 1990s. On and off the field, Mark Bright and Ian Wright were inseparable. They were also a commentator’s dream, especially when one of them set up the other to score. This happened on dozens of occasions, a list that includes Bright’s winning goal in a classic match against Millwall and the goal of the season for 1989-90, Wright’s memorable equaliser in the FA Cup final against Manchester United. Plenty more can be found in this video of their best bits, sent in by Paul Haynes.

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