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This characteristically Southern belle of a dish can be made in many ways, but which version is the cream of the crop?

Corn in this country has two distinct seasons: tuna-and-sweetcorn sandwich season, which runs from October to July, and the current barbecued corn on the cob season, in which we choose to floss our gums on something that is somehow simultaneously hotter than the sun and almost completely raw. Our lack of expertise is perhaps understandable, since the maize family is native to the Americas, and gained popularity as human food in this country only relatively recently.

Not for us the myriad celebratory festivals that pepper the American Midwest in summer, many of which culminate in the crowning of a sweetcorn queen – though I must draw your attention to the Isle of Wight’s Sweetcorn Fayre at the end of September, which promises visitors a giant sweetcorn fritter – nor the many different ways to enjoy it, from chowder to succotash. Perhaps my favourite, however, is this particularly Southern take, available year round in a tin but, in my opinion, only really worth eating fresh.

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