I sent a £40,000 loan to my son by mistake and he spent it


Anna Tims

I accidentally put in the incorrect account number for a Nationwide second mortgage

I am about to lose my home and don’t know where to turn. My partner and I took out a second £40,000 mortgage through Nationwide last year. It was to be paid into my partner’s account, but it didn’t arrive. I made several calls to Nationwide, which stated that the money had been paid, but refused to confirm the recipient’s details, citing data protection.

The system wouldn’t allow me to access my online application, and it was only when direct debit confirmation arrived through the post I realised the loan had been paid to my son’s new Lloyds account. I’d accidentally inputted his account number along with my partner’s name on the mortgage application. My son said he had not received any money and I spent the next five weeks vainly trying to trace it. But eventually, it was discovered that the £40,000 had gone into my son’s account five weeks previously and that he had spent it.

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