I walked the perimeter of Britain – in pictures


Quintin Lake

Covering almost 7,000 miles of coast over a period of five years, with only a tent and meagre rations, photographer Quintin Lake set out to capture the beauty of our island nation through all the seasons

I set off from the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral on 17 April 2015, walking east towards Kent before heading west along the south coast. My mission was to walk the perimeter of Britain in order to get under the skin of our island nation – and find photographic inspiration. I’d previously only found interesting photo opportunities abroad but that all changed in 2012, when I walked from the source of the Thames to the sea with my tent and a camera. On that trip, I slowed down enough to see Britain with fresh eyes, especially where the estuary met the sea. I was hooked and wanted to commit to the coast for a prolonged period.

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