It’s September – time to go back to (wine) school | Fiona Beckett on drink


Fiona Beckett

Use ‘back to school’ as an excuse to swot up on wine varieties you haven’t tried yet

Although January is the touted time for new year’s resolutions, I regard September as a more realistic moment to set yourself new goals – or, in back-to-school mode, simply to acquire a bit more knowledge about a subject that interests you.

In wine terms, that might mean exploring a grape variety or region, a style of wine with which you might be unfamiliar, or a deeper dive into a region you know but want to understand better. Or maybe just a time for overcoming prejudices. Given the ongoing resistance to chardonnay, especially Australian chardonnay, The Bird in Hand Chardonnay in today’s picks may – and hopefully will – change your mind.

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