Josh Warrington likely to seek decisive Lara fight before either can move on


Donald McRae

  • Intriguing rematch ended in technical draw after clash of heads
  • British featherweight insists he must ‘wipe the slate clean’

The disappointment etched on the faces of Josh Warrington and Mauricio Lara ran as deep as the wide and bloody gash which opened above the Mexican’s left eye after the two fighters clashed heads in the second round of a contest which promised so much following a tense and absorbing opening six minutes. Most of the attention focused on Warrington – at least among the raucous yet ultimately deflated crowd of 20,000 in Leeds and those watching the fight on a live stream in Britain.

The 30-year-old Yorkshireman was desperate to gain some kind of redemption in the rematch after he had been knocked out by Lara when they met for the first time in February. Warrington had an excellent opening round, winning it clearly, as he boxed with more authority behind a high guard. He managed to combine caution with aggression, which is always a defining test of skill in the ring, and he was justifiably happy with the way he had come back from his distressing defeat to Lara almost seven months ago.

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