Key Features of DHTML


Key Features of DHTML-
1. Tags and their properties can be changed using DHTML.
2. It is used for real-time positioning.
3. Dynamic fonts can be generated using DHTML.
4. It is also used for data binding.
5. It makes a webpage dynamic and be used to create animations, games, applications along with providing new ways of navigating through websites.
6. The functionality of a webpage is enhanced due to the usage of low-bandwidth effect by DHTML.
7. DHTML also facilitates the use of methods, events, properties, and codes.
Dynamic HTML (DHTML) is a combination of technologies used to create interactive and dynamic websites. Key features of DHTML include:
  1. HTML
  2. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  3. JavaScript
  4. Document Object Model (DOM)
  5. Event Handling
  6. Dynamic Content
  7. Animations and Effects
  8. Cross-Browser Compatibility

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