My elderly mum is angry and lonely. What can I do? | Annalisa Barbieri


Annalisa Barbieri

Your mother sounds depressed and anxious, says Annalisa Barbieri. The first port of call is her GP, to get her checked over physically and emotionally

I’m worried about my mum. She’s in her early 80s, has mobility problems and seems depressed. Every phone call with her usually ends with her sobbing or getting angry. She doesn’t like her GP and isn’t in touch with them much. I think her health and mobility could be improved with treatment, but she says there’s no point bothering anyone.

She gets angry a lot and bickers at my stepdad, who seems quite long-suffering. When I visit, she usually gets upset when I leave and then cries. She seems lonely, but not keen to reach out to her friends – she appears to feel that people should always call her, not that she should call them. She doesn’t have any hobbies and is frustrated by her lack of mobility. When I try to suggest things she could do, she says it’s all “pointless”.

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