My trading activity in the FXOpen

I woke up this morning at 03.45 am, my wife awakened me to eat sahur for fasting, then I did something like usual, open the trading platform, and monitor the forex market chart, EURJPY move a strong uptrend yesterday.
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Morning has come, the sunlight on the sky without any clouds behinds today.

I just check XTIUSD as a symbol ticker for Crude oil price FXOpen in tradingview. now price is 103.36 per barrel

Expensive oil prices could make some countries increasing fuel prices even more expensive.
Morning has come, the sunlight in the sky without any clouds behind.

Today check XTIUSD as the symbol ticker for Crude oil by FXOpen in Tradingview, now price 103.36

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Wake up today morning, check XTIUSD crude oil price based FXOpen in Tradingview, now price 100.45, price drops break lower band line.

I am today open chart XTI/USD crude oil WTI based FXOpen chart in Tradingview

Today pice 98.25, its drop and formed low 95.05, but there are long wick occurs on the candles, next target around upper band line 99.

When I wake up, then still do a usual activity, turn on the laptop, and open the chart on XTIUSD just monitoring the crude oil price-based FXOpen chart in Tradingview. this morning's price has already risen to 101.38, price moves the area upper band line in the hourly timeframe. consolidation price.

Back to the chart.

Oil still become an important commodity in the world, after the global economic straight by pandemic, the war between Russia - and Ukraine threat a third world war will occur.

XTIUSD price WTI-based FXOpen chart now still in 101.14 price level, not differ much compared to yesterday price.

Back to the chart for XTIUSD today price rise to 104.03 based FXOpen chart in Tradingview, the next target upper band line 107 price line.

I am woke up this morning and open the chart XTIUSD chart by FXOpen in Tradingview, crude oil still drops again after hit the upper band line, now price level 103.57

Working like as usual, listening to kids screamy, today's XTIUSD price rise to 104.29, the upper band line has been a possible price target.

Open the chart again and read news on oilprice dot com, now crude oil XTIUSD based FXOpen chart in Tradingview shows a price level of 102.51, a small rise from yesterday's low.

News according to oilprice now Europe faces major hurdles toward a greener because of lack of raw material. they still need imports to sustain energy.

Still work from home like as usual, open chart XTIUSD based FXOpen in Tradingview, today crude oil WTI price 106.91 rises +38%, the price now at upper band line zone, technically can drop again, but fundamentally based still support for oil price even higher.

Did you feel life is like a cycling clock, yesterday already passed, and now start a new day, but tomorrow today will become the past day, however, we don't know what happen tomorrow, we may learn from history, but sometimes history repeats itself, this applies on technical analysis trading, forex and crypto trading.

Yesterday XTIUSD rise and reach a high of 110.32 based FXOpen chart in Tradingview, but now the price drop to 107.68, and possible history repeated itself.

The time is back, yesterday I am meeting the current clock, and now I meet again although in different circumstances, back to the XTIUSD chart by FXOpen in Tradingview, the current price of crude oil is 101.62, is it possible to drop level 96? Not anyone knows, but it is possible.

Back to the screen, XTIUSD drops again and now at 98.29 price level, is it will reach 96? no one knows what happens later, just flow like a water on the river, it normally flows from high to low.

Back to the chart, money never sleeps many people state these quotes. XTIUSD repeats history itself
after hitting a low of 98 now crude oil bounced and landed at 103.82, and it fails to reach 96, the next question is, is it will reach 110? no anyone knows exactly.

Back to the laptop, open the screen, and look at the XTIUSD chart FXOpen.
Crude Oil price is now 103.13, still hard to reach 110, index USD arise could make the crude oil price drop

Monday morning, wake up and drink a cup of cofee before back to my laptop to see on the chart now.

XTIUSD price now 109.38, near to prediction price 110, I think when 110 price broken, it maybe will continue to rise, just prediction, not exactly right, maybe wrong.

This morning listening music and open the chart again, back to the laptop.

XTIUSD success to break line 110 price level, now the price of crude oil 111.43, possible to move even higher, however this only prediction, and ready to take the risk with put stop loss level below the upper band.