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Today's market for oil is still moving in the previous range with a swing high at roughly 80 and a swing low at roughly 75. The price is now at 77.77 trying to rise after falling at a low of 76.48.
Prices may return to the peak near the upper band line at 79 level prices. China's economic growth target of 5% in 2024 provides fresh air for future oil demand.

In the crypto market, Solana rose to form a new high as did Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Meanwhile, gold prices appear to be moving within the previous range with a slight decline.


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Oil prices for US Crude Oil are still trading stable at around 77.86, with consolidation prices near the middle band line. If there is a breakout of the previous high, perhaps the price will look for the next resistance near the upper band line.

In today's crypto market, Bitcoin tried again to rise at the $72k price level, in 24 hours it rose 0.49%. Ethereum also rose slightly by 0.14%.

The price of gold is stable at around $2159 and is moving sideways waiting for trading momentum, if the breakout is on the upside perhaps the price will rise again.


#oilprice #uscrudeoil #tradingview
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Oil prices have risen again after previously falling to a low of 76.46, the price of US Crude oil is now 79.32 and is near the resistance zone based on the upper band line.
An upside breakout might bring oil prices up to 80, but prices could decline and seek previous lows near the lower band line.

Today's crypto market Bitcoin is still up 1.30%, Ethereum is down 1.69%, and Solana is up 9.89%.

The price of gold seems less aggressive today, after trying to rise near 2180 the price fell again at 2168.

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It seems that oil prices are starting to move up, and have now managed to penetrate the upper side of the upper band line. Prices have gone to a high of 81 after several weeks trending in the 75-80 range. Oil has broken through a psychological level that may signal bullish sentiment.

According to expert analysts from Morgan Stanley, oil prices could rise sharply and it might surprise people.

On the other hand, crypto prices seem to be fading for Bitcoin and Ethereum today down and forming a reversal pattern.

Gold may be preparing to rise again because in a few days, it has been hampered by support at 2150.

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Run Ticktrader and open XTIUSD chart FXOpen on Tradingview, monitor the oil market, now US Crude oil traded at 80.87. Expect the price break upside and see oil set a new high near 85.

On Crypto market, Bitcoin price tries to wake up again after Bitcoin dump makes the price fall low near $64k. Now Bitcoin is trading above $68k.
Ethereum price also tries to wake up after declining near $3413, now Ether price is above $3600.

Gold seems to have broken psychological level prices of $2150 and now declined to a low of $2146.

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Oil prices rose to a high of 82.44 after successfully breaking the psychological level of 80. There is potential for US crude oil prices to reach 85 due to the possibility of increasing Chinese demand and decreasing supply from Non-OPEC.

On the other hand, the crypto market seems to be dumping after a long rally in several cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin fell 5.64%< Ethereum also fell 7.74% and also Solana fell 9.71%.

The price of gold or XAUUSD is correcting again after rising yesterday at the high level of 2163. Gold appears to be forming a bearish candlestick at the time of writing. Maybe the market will wait for the Fed rate decision which will be released next Wednesday.
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Prices of cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana are moving down on average today. Bitcoin is around $61k, Ethereum is around $31337, and Solana is at 168.12.

For the price of US crude oil, it is dominantly bullish the price formed a new high at 83.03, perhaps the price could reach $85 for several reasons, such as predicted improved Chinese demand, and cuts in oil production by Saudi Arabia and Iran.

For gold prices now stable at around $2156, might the market is waiting for the Fed rate decision and speeches that investors might consider today

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The Fed's decision at yesterday's meeting finally held interest rates unchanged at 5.25-5.50% for the fifth time in a row. The Fed also emphasized that it would wait for more supporting data before cutting its benchmark interest rate.
As predicted by the market, it seems that the market response has caused financial markets to become more volatile. Gold, which was previously stagnant in the $2150 range, surged yesterday and even formed a new all-time high at $2222.77 before finally rebounding to $2203.

The soaring gold price seems to reflect the market looking for alternative safe haven assets amidst economic uncertainty. While the price of gold itself is influenced by several factors, as reported by the FXOpen blog article, several factors that can influence the value of gold are
  • Inflation Expectations and US Currency.
  • Demand Recovery in China and India
  • Geopolitical Tensions.
  • Cost Opportunity:

US Crude oil prices fell after the FED's decision. Now oil is trading at 81.63, but it is expected to be bullish.

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US crude oil prices fell again today at 80.35, this could be a psychological zone, if there is a breakout of level 80, perhaps oil prices can reach support near the middle band line.
For gold, it seems that an inside bar pattern appears which is a signal of trend continuation or reversal. If the price breaks 2150 it is expected to fall lower. However, if the ATH breaks, it is estimated that Gold will look for a new ATH.
In the crypto market, on average cryptocurrencies are still consolidating, there is no clear trend yet. Bitcoin is still moving in the previous range and an inside bar pattern also appears. In the event of an upside breakout, Bitcoin may surge higher.

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Today's oil price is 81.02 slightly up 0.67%, here there is bullish potential where the price forms a bullish candlestick with almost no shadow on both the top and bottom of the candle.

Today's crypto market is moving in the green zone, there are hopes of a bullish market for Bitcoin and friends. Bitcoin price reached $67k up 4.88%, and Ethereum up 4.78%.

Elsewhere, the gold price is still flat, moving in the range of 2169 with a support zone of 2150. The price forms a doji candle which is an indecision candlestick.

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The crypto market is moving in the green zone, Bitcoin is back to prices level $70k, after successfully breaking through the middle band line.

Gold prices tend to be flat at around 2169, gold prices at 2150 could be solid support in this zone.

Oil prices rose again for US crude oil and are now at 81.99.


OPEC+ members have collectively decided to voluntarily cut 2.2 million barrels per day (bpd) from the group's production this quarter.
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US crude oil prices fell again to a low of 80.80 after the previous rising to 82.26. This decline may be due to an increase in US crude inventories. Crude oil inventories rose this week by 9,337 million barrels for the week ending March 22, according to The American Petroleum Institute (API).

On the other hand, Bitcoin today fell slightly but is still at the $70k level. The price of gold is still stagnant at 2177 after the previous rising at 2200.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink warned that US debt reaching an all-time high could be detrimental to the US economy. crypto market could rise.

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Today's oil price moved at 81.54, slightly up from the previous day but still within the weekly range.

There are no signs of prices rising higher after reaching the highest in 2024, although in the long term, it is predicted to rise.

On the one hand, gold prices are rising, this may still be an attraction for investors. In the midst of inflation and economic uncertainty, gold may be in high demand.

On the other hand, also in the crypto market, previously enthusiastic investors believed that Bitcoin could reach $100k, but it seems that currently the movement is hampered after Bitcoin formed an ATH in mid-March this month.

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Today's US crude oil price has risen to the price level of 82.57 almost close to the high of 83.03 which was formed on March 19. A breakout of the 83 level may bring the price higher before rebounding.

Price spikes also occurred in gold, yesterday the price of gold set a new all-time high throughout 2024 until now. Each has a golden opportunity to set a new all-time high record considering the uncertain global economic conditions.

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Today's oil price is still stuck at level 82 for US Crude oil. Reports that Russia will cut oil production in the second quarter are expected to push oil prices higher.

Elsewhere on the crypto market today Bitcoin is still stuck at the $70k level, however, today Bitcoin recorded a gain of 1.66%, Ethereum is up 3.45%, and Solana is up 2.06%. Even though today Solana's gain was the lowest, in 7 days the highest gain was 8.96%. Bitcoin is only 6.34% and Ethereum 5.97%.

While gold today is at the price level of $2256, bullish potential is still possible for gold which is considered a safe haven. However, you need to be aware that gold's high volatility may allow a rebound after a strong rally.
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Looking at today's crypto market, Bitcoin price is still moving at the $70k range, while gold prices have reached new highs in 2024.
Meanwhile, US crude oil prices also appear to be rising, this may be the impact of OPEC+ production cuts and uncertain global geopolitical conditions.
It is hoped that oil prices can reach $84 shortly, while gold may in the long term still have potential as a safe haven amidst high US debt.

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Today's US crude oil price at 84.59 has risen to a high of 85.04 yesterday. It seems that oil prices are starting to break out and are looking for a new high.
Elsewhere, the crypto market is still moving in the red zone, bitcoin is currently stuck at the $65k level after falling drastically yesterday.
Meanwhile, gold prices are still sparkling at $2282 consolidating after reaching a new all-time high of $2288.

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Today's market seems to be moving quite slowly, for US crude oil prices are still moving flat at around 85.14. Meanwhile, Bitcoin price was also flat at $66k

The price of gold actually fell today at $2295 after yesterday reaching a new ATH above $2300.

Trading on a flat market may feel very boring, this is why many traders avoid trading on a flat market because there are more losses due to transaction costs.

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Oil prices rose again and reached the highest in 2024 for US crude oil at 86.70.

Geopolitical tensions in the Middle East triggered soaring oil prices, it was reported that the UAE cut diplomatic relations with Israel following the murder of seven World Central Kitchen humanitarian workers in Gaza.

Elsewhere, crypto prices, Bitcoin fell again to the $66k range after previously being at $68k.

Gold price also fell slightly at roughly $2279 and formed a bearish candlestick in two trading days even though it was only a small body.

Amid the increasing escalation of war in the Middle East, the price of US crude oil moved at 84.16 today, down from 87.
Even though the news of Iran attacking Israel was important news that in theory caused oil prices to rise, what happened instead was that prices fell because technically prices entered the overbought zone.
The overall trend is still potentially bullish as indicated by the Bollinger band forming an upward channel.