Poland v England: World Cup qualifier – live!


Simon Burnton


7.29pm BST

Gareth Southgate is chatting:

No two games are the same and the challenge will be different. I think we’ll have to defend better as a team. They’re going to ask different sorts of questions. Lewandowski is an outstanding striker and any team with a player of that calibre will feel different when he’s in there. We’re in a good rhythm of making sure everyone in the team works for each other. You’ve got to limit the supply first and foremost, but we’ve also made our players aware of the areas he likes to attack. If we think we’re a team that don’t need to work and don’t need to do the hard yards then we’ll come unstuck, and tonight is a good test for us.

Just high standards in everything they do, with and without the ball. We’ve got to strive for perfection. We know it’s almost impossible, but that’s our challenge.

7.21pm BST

Just a few photos dripping in from PGE Narodowy, most of them from the same unusual angle. There seems to be a very short photographer in action:

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