Radio lamington: Australian NHS workers get a taste of home sweet home


Kate Guest

Homesick Australians are sending each other lamingtons by the thousand in London – and feeding frontline NHS workers too

When a box of soft, pastel lamingtons arrived at Caleb Byrt’s office, it helped quell his homesickness at a time when work was more stressful than usual. Byrt is an occupational therapist from Geelong who has lived in London for the last four years.

Like many of the best Australian wines, confectionery and telly, the lamington is a legend at home and a relative nobody away. In the UK it’s occasionally sighted at Aussie barbecues and antipodean-run cafes, or recalled by long-term Neighbours fans as the solution to many of Erinsborough’s fundraising problems, but it’s not the sort of thing you’ll find supermarkets selling in six-packs.

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