Rejuvenated Jordan Pickford set on turning Euros pain to World Cup glory | David Hytner


David Hytner

Low points and questioning of England’s goalkeeper in the first part of last season have given way to calm and assurance

Jordan Pickford says that he prefers to face a penalty taker who “just puts his foot through it”, but, with the Euro 2020 final on the line in July, it was all about who would blink first: him or the Italy midfielder Jorginho. Pickford had already saved one from Andrea Belotti in the shootout. Now he had to keep out a second, because, if Jorginho scored, it would be over.

When Jorginho performed his trademark skip before the contact, Pickford did not move. When he opened up his body slightly on the way down, to hint at a side-foot for the bottom right-hand corner, the goalkeeper did not move. Now Jorginho went the other way and now Pickford moved. Now he made the save.

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