So the blame game begins, but are India really the right target for your anger? | Andy Bull


Andy Bull

Virat Kohli’s side have been propping up Test cricket and it is unfair to hold them responsible for non-events at Old Trafford

There’s been a lot to be angry about these last few months. Back in February, six months, two weeks, and nine lifetimes ago, the American Medical Association ran an article on the idea of “panger”, pandemic-anger, and, yes, the word is much too ugly to catch on, but no doubt you’ve felt some of it yourself.

It’s harder to know exactly who to be angry at, though. There are the politicians, of course, and that man over there with his mask pulled down beneath his chin, and that lady who told you off because you weren’t respecting social distancing, and that friend posting smug holiday photos, but it’s all a bit scattergun, isn’t it?

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