Terri Mercieca’s recipes for vanilla ice-cream parfait sandwich and sundae


Terri Mercieca

Triple decadence with vanilla parfait: delightful straight up, perfect in an ice-cream sandwich and irresistible scattered in a sundae

My surname is an anagram of ice-cream, so it was kind of inevitable that I’d end up being an ice-cream maker – and I’m fine with that. This vanilla parfait has been with me since I was a whippersnapper pastry apprentice; we didn’t have an ice-cream machine, even though it was the best restaurant in Sydney at the time (1997). It’s a tried, tested and much-loved go-to, and I’m using it as the base for two icy treats: an ice-cream sammie and a sundae. I’ve gone for a tropical Australian vibe, so get your spoons ready, because, let’s face it: everybody loves parfait.

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