The best museums to visit in Leicester

Museums to visit in Leicester

Here is a more detailed overview of some of the most popular museums in Leicester, UK, including their location and website:​

  1. New Walk Museum & Art Gallery: This museum showcases the history of Leicester and its people, as well as an impressive collection of fine art, including works by Botticelli, Turner, and Pre-Raphaelite artists. Location: 53 New Walk, Leicester LE1 7EA. Website:
  2. Abbey Pumping Station: This museum showcases the history of Leicester's water supply, including the Victorian pumping station and its steam-powered engines. Location: Corporation Rd, Leicester LE4 5PX. Website:
  3. Leicester Guildhall: This historic building serves as a museum and cultural centre, showcasing the rich history of Leicester and its people, as well as hosting exhibitions, concerts, and events. Location: Guildhall Lane, Leicester LE1 5FQ. Website:
  4. King Richard III Visitor Centre: This museum is dedicated to the life and times of King Richard III, and is built on the site of the former Greyfriars Friary where his remains were discovered in 2012. Location: 4A St Martin's, Leicester LE1 5DB. Website:
  5. Newarke Houses Museum: This museum showcases the history of two 15th-century merchant's houses and their role in the history of Leicester, as well as a collection of toys. Location: The Newarke, Leicester LE2 7BY. Website:
These museums offer a rich cultural experience and a glimpse into the history of Leicester. They are a must-visit for anyone interested in history, art, and culture.
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