The Presets’ Julian Hamilton on the under-the-bed discovery that changed his career

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As told to Katie Cunningham

The musician shares stories of ‘creating acid squelches’, pestering Kraftwerk and a beloved tunnel’s second life

Julian Hamilton was a student at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music when he crossed paths with Kim Moyes. It was a fortuitous meeting – the pair eventually went on to become the Presets, the electronic music duo who were first a fixture of claustrophobic clubs and eventually big festival stages throughout the 2000s.

More than 15 years on from their first EP, the Presets are still going strong. But with Covid forcing a touring hiatus, this year Hamilton decided to try his hand at something new: making music by himself. His debut single as a solo artist, City of Love, arrived last month, with more songs set to come across the summer.

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