‘We had friends coming from India’: how cancelled Test left fans devastated

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Tanya Aldred at Old Trafford

Disappointed fans at Old Trafford react after the final Test between England and India was cancelled at the last minute

It was a perfect morning for bowling. An autumn sun squinting through milksop skies, a damp wind tickling the flags flying over the pavilion. But there were no bowlers, and there was no Test between England and India. Instead, the groundsmen stood in huddles over the playing surface, watering with abandon – and why not? There are no more matches at Old Trafford this season. In the concourses, the fans mulled over what might have been: swinging between bafflement, resignation and disappointment. Was it Covid? Was it the IPL? Was it the players?

Anup, here with friends, had travelled from Preston, “It’s a bit shocking, we were looking forward to this match for a long time. It is not an easy process to buy tickets, once you get a ticket, it’s like winning the lottery, and then arranging a day off and all the other things. I’m heartbroken. The schools are open and if one child is Covid positive, only one child is isolating, not the whole class, and I think that rule should apply here.

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