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WebCity UK

Hello and welcome to WebCity UK :)

A little about WebCity UK.... We originally started out as a Bulletin Board System before the internet became popular, and you had to connect to the service directly through a modem. As the internet became popular we swapped over to an internet based service. We offered a portal / directory website, helping our customers create their own online presence too. The service was popular, we won several awards and you may have even seen our TV adverts on Carlton / ITV.

We have recently updated our website to a new community forum platform that offers many advanced, interactive features. The site should look great and load fast on any viewing platform from a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Please feel free to dive straight in and start posting questions and helping other WebCity UK members, and if there's anything you think would help to make WebCity UK better then please drop us a post in the Site Support forum.

Please join up, choose your username (before someone else grabs it), drop us a message in the new members section, and say hello.

If you've stumbled across WebCity UK and you have friends, family or colleagues that you think would enjoy it, please invite them to join.

If you've got a blog, directory or magazine please consider linking to WebCity UK and let me know so we can return the favour.

Most of all, make yourself comfortable and start posting your messages 😁