Would you like to have classic martial art novel with the setting of history and fiction ?

The background is the 15th century kingdoms and mixed with some fictitious character and real characters in that era. It is about the journey to find the missing miraculous swords.

The novel is original from the year of 1983. It contain a series of book but it is offered only for one book of the part 15.
Martial art is now being contested in international sport events. Having some of the original classic novel about classic martial art could be a pleasure.
We might have the idea to exercise the martial art with the humanoid robot. That might advance our skill and being fun.
There are a lot of myth regarding this martial art because of its relation with the meditation practice. Therefore the scope of it is pretty broad.
This 1983 novel is not the oldest version but it was printed when the author still alive. Wondering if the martial art lover is not interested in this novel. If you want to have both of these novel the price of it would be more than double.